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View Thread: Microsoft's Annual Revenue Reaches $60 Billion
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    Dovella said:
    Ray7 said:
    Nintendo is coming to an end petrol.

    Zelda, Mario Galaxy, Mario Striker, Mario kart, Smash Browl,Metroid  etc . is out   , and now??

    Nintendo has secular brand , I love Nintendo games and I have them all , once over the host brand the Wii remains a beautiful relic in my wardrobe.

    on the contrary nintendo DS is the real product guessed, and sales of the Wii are more driven from their DS.

    Next nintendo DS?  Game cube hardware, 2 multitouch screen, and sensor movement  + recycling Wii games and game cube .


    Apple Vs microsoft remember   290 M  vs 10 m


    stay tuned!!

    I wonder what the percentage of that is Vista sales Tongue Out pfff not a lot, at least I hope not it doesn't deserve good sales overal.. be better to buy a cheap xp license and a few good addons/smaller software to make up for the shity lackluster areas of a Windows OS.. (pss vista explorer, what a joke)