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View Thread: Do you find WPF to be unnatural / unlogical?
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    , jmzl666 wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: I'm the TFS Administrator in my Team, it's one of the best products from Microsoft in my opinion, very easy to setup (we have 4 boxes total, TFS AT, TFS DT with SQL Server 2008 and two build servers) we configured the whole thing in one day including installing the OSes (3 Server 2008 R2 and one XP) and now we are building VB6, VS 2003, VS 2008, VS 2010 and even Java.

    At first TFS can be daunting like any other technology but after you undestand it is amazing.

    You need four boxes for an effective TFS deployment?

    I think that demonstrates that something is wrong with Microsoft's current direction on their server products. Remember ye olden days where all you needed was a single box running Server 2003 with Exchange, SQL Server, IIS, and a Domain Controller all getting along fine (as long as you threw enough RAM at it).

    FWIW, I run an SVN server (using Apache) that sits by perfectly fine on a box that also runs IIS.