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View Thread: Do you find WPF to be unnatural / unlogical?
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    The most complete guidance I have seen is from the ALM Rangers, if you want to play with TFS Brian Keller published a VM with some projects loaded, also Brian Harry blog is a must.

    As noted by some folks, you can have TFS in a single box, i just wanted to make the point that a complex scenario wasn’t difficult to setup.

    Yes, being a software developer is hard, and isn’t getting any easier in the future as far i can tell.
    I'm learning WPF upgrading a somewhat complex app that only the dev team uses and it’s a complete mind shift from what I used to do in Win Forms, but now that I’m starting to grasp the concepts behind it I’m liking it more than Win Forms.
    Is WPF ready for performance critical apps? I don’t know, after I finish the current app I will be able to make an informed decision.
    Will I use WPF for simple LOB apps? Probably not, even LightSwitch sounds like a better idea, I guess it comes down to “use the right tool for the job”.
    Did I drink the Microsoft Kool-Aid? Not really, I choose the Microsoft stack because it helps me get my job done.