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View Thread: Do you find WPF to be unnatural / unlogical?
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    , spivonious wrote


    And today's apps are a lot more complex than apps 10 years ago. Times change.

    So that's what I'm supposed to tell my customers when they get the bill?

    For the record we have embraced MVVM, DI, seperation of concerns, the whole smash. Your assumption that I'm confused is wrong. I can put together a pretty good demo app. It's when the app grows up into a real production app that the wheels start to fall off the cart. Your solution gets bloated. It takes more time to build & run to test the final UI. Minor changes that should take minutes take an hour. And no this isn't because of hardward that's lacking.

    Apps don't have to be more complex. It's a choice. And it's clear the choice Microsoft has made with its languages and tools. Academia rules the day... I guess I need to start my book pile filled with my favorite authors of code patterns and practices that fulfill my every fantasy of feel good programming so I can be like everyone else who believes Microsoft is on the right path.

    Substitute Visual Studio, WPF, VSTSDB, TFS, et al for the iPhone in this commercial and "you're gonn fit right in here..." sounds oh so true.

    Have no doubt: I find Microsoft's tools & languages absolutly amazing. They just aren't cost effective when used as a whole.