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View Thread: Do you find WPF to be unnatural / unlogical?
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    @spivonious: It's not just that software is complex, end users expectations are significantly higher than they were a decade or so ago. Most people have been using computers since their youth, and with the advances in mobile technology, and the prices of computers coming down, end users expect a lot more.

    I have the benefit of working for a few recent greenfield projects, without the restraints and baggage that legacy systems afflict on one. People are clued up nowadays, and you cannot fob them off with the complexity stories of years gone by or "it's good enough". When I am in metting people have MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, Vaios, Acers, Androids, Kindles and so on...

    Winforms is simply not going to impress them, this is not an isolated case.

    I still will take the opportunity in this thread to advise people against using DevExpress WPF controls, because they are guiltier of the academic approach more than Microsoft, and their WPF control suite is terrible. At least with a lot of the native WPF controls I can extend them, and with a few design practices it is enjoyable to write software that amazes end users. Winforms is good for a warehouse requiring an inventory system, but once you move into the scientific domain, you can do far much more with less effort using WPF