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View Thread: Do you find WPF to be unnatural / unlogical?
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    @jmzl666:And after you "understand" WPF (resources, behaviors, commanding, binding, XAML, blend) and the .Net framework (name your rabbit hole) and VSTSDB and EF4, and LINQ, and threading, and SQL, and Visual Studio (debugging, code analysis, tracking memory leaks, deployment)... TFS it's amazing! There's the problem: what used to be done with a small team requires dedicated, siloed staff -- a UI/Blend guy, a TFS guy, a VSTSDB guy, an architect, and a crap load of really good code monkeys to do anything more than a demo app with Northwind. Thanks for making my point.

    We've had three separate, well educated, academically inclined engineers who totally believed in Microsoft academic ways with their piles of books by their favorite authors espousing patterns & practices in all of their use case ways. They all spent a week each trying to get an automated, continuous integration build working on our project. Guess where that ended up? There's a bridge in Ketchikan Alaska that resembles it.