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View Thread: Do you find WPF to be unnatural / unlogical?
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    @vesuviussometimes I think we are just being greedy. My first weird experience is the video demo. It was cool doing video is easy. Than I do 20 of them it breaks. I thought it was a bug until I realize doing 20 videos was never a good thing to begin with.

    This happens to a lot early wpf devs. The starts to throw in tons of stuff in the logic tree, they forgot there is always a cost to it. And they blame ms for it.

    One example is notepad. I think most of us would not make a performing text editor . I recall it is really difficult from community feedback. But vs2010 seem to do it fine, my beloved dpi fix yessss.

    I also think we lack in depth knowledge of it. Like adding element in the tree should be done in batch. A lot of us doing per item basis, which makes too much redundant  recalculations.

    It is not that easy because we often need to get hands dirty if we want to do more. But some people think that wpf fault. I think it is unfair. Because wpf was never Kent to solve everything. Some people  just don't see that.