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View Thread: New Microsoft conspiracy theory. OEMs to help slowing down OpenGL adoption?
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    Minh said:
    blog author said:

    What???!! Seriously??!!??

    Well its just opinion, lets look at the most popular 3d games atm:

    Team fortress 2
    Half life 2

    Unreal 3
    Gears of war

    Battlefield series
    Call of duty 4
    Halo 3

    This makes up the following engines:

    CryEngine 2
    Refractor 2
    Call of duty 4

    Source = dx
    Unreal = dx/ogl
    CryEngine 2 = dx
    Refractor 2 = dx
    Call of duty 4 = dx
    Halo = dx

    Looking ahead, the following big games to come:

    Far Cry 2
    Project origin
    Gears of war 2
    Stalker clearsky
    Killzone 2
    Call of duty 5
    Crysis warhead
    Dead space

    These make up the following engines:

    id tech 5
    Jupiter EX
    Killzone 2
    Call of duty 4
    cryengine 2

    Dunia =dx/ogl
    id tech 5 = ogl
    jupiter ex = dx
    unreal = dx/ogl
    x-ray = dx
    killzone 2 = ogl
    call of duty 4 = dx
    cryengine 2 = dx
    deadspace = dx/ogl

    Mmm, not seeing many ogl only games there.. the only ones that appear to be purely ogl are games that are purely on the ps3, apart from the id engines.. but thats because carmack himself wants to be the one who writes all the oobar engine code.. he obviously lives on writing code, so fair enough.. his engines are pretty impressive.. megatexture is cool.