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    Gabba wrote:
    Do you think you can find some pics? How was it set up?

    There is only one photo that I know of that I have of it. Which is a shame. I have no idea where that photo is, but assuming it hasn't been lost it'll be at my parents place somewhere, which isn't anywhere near where I am right now..

    Unfortnately, I had a bulky 17" CRT that I needed to install. I had removed the dashboard, etc. and installed my own framework. I had a plank where the gear stick used to be which is where my mouse was, and I had a wooden framework where my keyboard sat (where the glove box used to be) inclined towards me. I had punched out the front window, and angle grinded off the bonnet and built a housing for my computer in there, with an area for my monitor to sit above it. I used old cardboard boxes (fridge boxes) to seal off the area infront of the car and above the windscreen, so the front looked kind of boxy and awkward as a result, but I painted it, so it still looked cool.

    For the subsonic attentuator I just got an old 'game backpack' from the bargain big at Jaycar (they were a bad idea, they were supposed to make the games more 'exciting' but all they really did was ruin your back, they came out price at $300, but I got one for $10 when everyone realised that they sucked) and I ripped out the driver (basically it was similar to a normal speaker). I drilled four holes in it around the edges, got some sturdy bolts and bolted it to the bottom of the car, immediately under the front passenger seat. It bought new meaning to the word 'bass'. Heh, heh. Smiley Basically because it was so firmly attached to the car body, when it hammered the entire car shook. I went to great lengths to make sure that everything was a 'sturdy' as I could make it, to avoid crappy fuzzy noises that you can get as a result of low frequency sounds (like rattling windows, etc.). The shot-gun in Quake II was the worst, if I picked up one of those in a game my entire neighborhood knew about it. Big Smile

    I just had the four tires from the car laid sideways on the ground and sat the entire car body on that. This was good too, because it sat on 'solid rubber' which meant it could shake properly, without vibrating too much. Because everything was sealed and painted black (inlucding the windows), it was always pitch-black in there except for the glow of the monitor (so it didn't matter if it was day or night or whatever).

    It was pretty cool. I used to pretty much live in there. It was really comfortable too, because car seats are basically designed well, and you can really *recline* in them. Definitely the best 'work space' I've ever had. It wasn't very portable though. I used to live in the garage, so it was basically 'in my bedroom' as it were. (oh, and I had a drum kit too, no pool table though! I used to collect old gaming consoles, I think I had, um, all of them? Smiley