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    Gabba wrote:
    The company runs from my Garage, we have a pool table, a drum kit, a bitchin mp3 server/player, lots of games and we somehow manage to do some work occaisionally.

    That's cool. Smiley

    When I was in high-school I got a broken down Dihatsu Charade that I had to tow to my house. I ripped everything out except the front passenger seat (that's on the left in my country) and sat it on its old tires. I installed all my computers and sound system in there (quite a few, my PII, an old Amiga, a really old IBM-JX, a TV, etc.). The grand-daddy of them all was the subsonic attenuator that I bolted to the bottom of the car, so when I got hit with a rocket in Quake II I *really* knew about it.

    Oh, and I painted it black, including the windows, and spray painted 'The Machine' over the side doors in high-gloss red paint (that dripped a little to look extra intimidating). Most awesome car EVER!

    If only I could find a picture..