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    La Bomba said:
    W3bbo said:
    You should ask out helvetica girl...

    she's here on C9...
    ...and in the death, as the last few corpses lay rotting in the slimey thoughoughfair - the shutters lifted high on tempress hill... )any day now) the year of the diamond dogs

    (or something like that... LONG LIVE C9 FONTS!!!!!!)

    edit: here's the real quote:

    And in the death As the last few corpses lay rotting on the slimy thoroughfare The shutters lifted in inches in temperance building High on poachers hill And red mutant eyes gaze down on hunger city No more big wheels Fleas the size of rats sucked on rats the size of cats And 10000 peoploids split into small tribes, Coveting the highest of the sterile skyscrapers Like packs of dogs assaulting the glass fronts of love me avenue Ripping and rewrapping mink and shiny silver fox now legwarmers......