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View Thread: Your Windows License will expire in 0 hours... :-O
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    OrigamiCar said:
    RoyalSchrubber said:
    Yep - definately have a valid license key/progID for this. I'm using my MSDN professional key which only I have access to.

    I've done a little more digging and it appears that this message occurs because a prerelease of SP1 may be installed:

    What's wierd is that I am 99.9% positive that I installed the RTM version of SP1 from the MSDN download site as I usually don't install betas of service packs. However, it is I suppose possible that I tried out the pre RTM version as this isn't my main PC, rather a slightly older one I use for debugging/testing and playing odd games on.

    I'm uninstalling SP1 now and going to reinstall it. HOPEFULLY I won't have to flatten this machine and start again, although the knowledgebase article seems to suggest that you need to uninstall SP1 BEFORE you get the zero hours message. Anyway, here's hoping....
    Yes if you had tried time-bombed SP1 , that will cause that problem. You might be in beta program of SP1 from Connect .
    If you had installed RTM of SP1 from Connect that was time bombed.
    Uninstall that SP1 and install SP1 from Windows Update or MS downloads.
    One of my friends also had the same problem which solved by this method.

    He also had trouble with installing Windows Search 4.0 earlier with time bombed SP1 and was also resolved by this.