OK, this thread is massive Smiley

I'm going to ask... because you're the only person on C9 who might fit the description
for no particular reason other than curiosity

JAMIE, do you know Jaymz Bee personally?        and          Have you ever met The Spoons?

Here's a bunch more videos just 'cause I feel like it.

Original Spoons version

Johnny Hollow version

I so wish that Big House Part III was on youtube but here's the only Tex And The Horseheads I can find (it's nowhere near as good)

This is such a classic video in the Wendy O Williams style

Lee Perry and Max Romeo

I think I already posted this but it's too good to ignore Smiley


Tom Waits hasn't gotten worse over the years like some old guys, it's amazing

The Smiths oscillating wildly

Music of my childhood
Skinny Puppy

Cabaret Voltaire

OK one more
Jesus and Mary Chain