Wow Ian, you're one lucky guy. I would have been only 8 or 9 years old at the time so I only discovered her muisc much later on.

That reminds me of this Smiley

, Ian2 wrote

@Charles:You can say that again ...

Had the pleasure of seeing Kate Bush live (78 or 79?).  'The Kick Inside' was a favoutite album at the time (thinking back I must have mellowed quite a bit in the previous 2 years).  I had my bike parked round the back and she came out just as I was leaving, I managed to blurt out 'Great Concert Kate' to which I got a massive smile and a 'thanks' that I have never forgotten.  If this was a tweet I guess the hashtag would be #prizedmemories.

Crap, Am I now thinking in twitease?

EDIT Looks like it was 9th April 1979 - WTF 31 years ago?