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    jamie said:
    wisemx said:
    cough cough... molson???


    actually i have been posting lunacy all day while working... but i do now have a Blue in my hand

    ps - ive found that alexander keiths tastes just like blue.  maybe ill switch so i can be ... COOL

    (not) Wink

    uhh..yip   pink spiders
    what's not to like? Wink

    edit:  err ahem of course i meant the brian wilson middle 8 (not the teenager dancing on the couch)
    ps brian wilson rules! woo hoo

    EDIT: speaking of brian wilson:

    also cool:  Blinker the Star

    and now - the song they ripped off:(not that theres anything wrong with that)
    Never liked Molson either, RWB was cheaper and tasted better in cans, all we were allowed to carry into the forests when chopping.
    We used to call them our Starters. Big Smile

    Nowadays I spend more money and enjoy it less, NA St Pauli Girl
    Still love Beer but no more Alchohol for me.
    Just for my little treasures: