Maddus Mattus said:
Pace said:

Usually when I code, I also do some XTC, snort some cocaine and smoke some weed. That's just how we do things here in Holland and all. Smiley Wink Big Smile

It really helps with the creativity aspect of developing.

brb, my collegue has just cut a new line,...

LOL! >.<

Fortunately for me its only a 20 minute drive to the airport and a 1 hour flight to Holland.

I have been twice. Very beautyful place and quite crazy at the same time.

Thanks for link Wink

edit: oh one thing with you guys, you need to learn that a Pint of beer doesnt include the frothy bit! honestly, its shocking, you buy a pint and you only get 3/4's, that wouldnt wash in England oh no sir.