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One cd or three

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    So I want to burn 1.7 GB data to 3 cds. No problem I think and fire up Nero express 7. "Sorry, the cd is too small for this data." So I fire up Windows XP's built in cd burning software, "Sorry, the cd is too small for this data." I get an app of sourceforge same thing. How hard is is it to split the data to fit on mulitple cds? really? It's not even large files, lots of small ones. It should be easy for the software to split it onto 3 cds.

    Oh well, guess I'll just have to split it manualy.

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    Maddus Mattus

    The designers of Nero and Windows burning software think the other way around. They think in media while you think in content you want to backup.

    It's a common developer mistake Wink

    I always try to imagine myself using the application, it's really hard to reset your mind because you know the inner workings of a program. (duh, you wrote it!)

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