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Incubation Week

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    Last month, Microsoft started something very interesting (particularly for small companies making a bet on our platform with compelling ideas...). It's called Incubation Week, "an event conducted for teams with startup ideas that are given all the development software they need, Microsoft engineers to teach them how to use those tools, and the chance to pitch their plans to early-stage investors."

    Check out the great ideas of some the teams invited to the inaugural IW event here. Very cool stuff!

    Got any ideas for a great startup? They could very well lead to the advent of a successful business venture.


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    Very cool.
    Any thoughts I'd come up with would be related to humanity, community and how to save resources.

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    Where do you sign up? Smiley

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    Bass said:
    Where do you sign up? Smiley
    I was involved, and I didn't really have to sign up at all. I met the New England Academic Evangelist, Edwin, through an XNA gaming event and made sure to get a hold of his contact information. I tried to be as persistent as possible in getting any opportunities thrown my way, and I got lucky.

    I was on Team DooIt, where we worked on a social networking site using Silverlight. I didn't know what to expect when I first agreed to join in, and was hesitant at first, as I was the youngest person involved in the event, fresh off of my first year of college.

    In the end I had a ton of fun, and met a bunch of cool people. The Microsoft office was *very* nice, and everyone was friendly. They were also really smart. REALLY smart.


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