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View Thread: Vista's Security Rendered Completely Useless By New Exploit
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    You're right Microsoft -- a huge corporation with 70,000 employees, billions of dollars, and 90%+ market share will just give up when and if this elaborate security breach is released.

    Or they will just do their best to fix it as quickly as possible, and if needed lean on other vendors to do the same.

    What I think is funny, is that most of what is allowing this is not even Microsoft code. Now that you mention it Microsoft should fix this by going completely closed based, like Apple. Sweet our unlimited software choices went down to like -4 titles. But they sure are secure titles.

    Or they could go the Linux route, open source style, and go the completely different direction, and give away millions in profits for its share holders, I'm pretty sure that motion will get denied.

    Many other operating systems do not even have many of these technologies to bypass, which is awesome. If you would get off your high horse for 5 minutes to realize that other people do in fact exist, and some of them may prefer something that is not Linux. And not because they haven’t heard about it, but because they are smart enough to realize that *nix is not for everyone. Wait it’s my choice if I want to pay for something that I think will suit my needs better than something that is free?

    Sure Grandma, just open the Console and use the sudo command to edit the ini file. Yeah it will work, wait...what’s a sudo? Ohh Grandma cmon!