cheong said:
I've seen someone asking others to post code for some "hello world" level assignment on a C++ community in C, so someone took time to write a main.c that consist of all kinds of "ooOOo", "oOoo" and "#define" directive that replacing them with meaningful keywords like "void", "main"...

That's what we called remarkable "OO programming in C"... Tongue Out

/* efdtt.c Author: Charles M. Hannum <> */
/* */
/* Thanks to Phil Carmody <> for additional tweaks. */
/* */
/* DVD-logo shaped version by Alex Bowley <> */
/* */
/* Usage is: cat title-key scrambled.vob | efdtt >clear.vob */

#define m(i)(x[i]^s[i+84])<<

unsigned char x[5] ,y,s[2048];main(
n){for( read(0,x,5 );read(0,s ,n=2048
); write(1 ,s,n) )if(s
[y=s [13]%8+20] /16%4 ==1 ){int
i=m( 1)17 ^256 +m(0) 8,k =m(2)
0,j= m(4) 17^ m(3) 9^k* 2-k%8
^8,a =0,c =26;for (s[y] -=16;
--c;j *=2)a= a*2^i& 1,i=i /2^j&1
<<24;for(j= 127; ++j<n;c=c>

>>8^y<<9,k=s[j],k ="7Wo~'G_\216"[k