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ScottGu MIA

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    Just curious what happened to ScottGu and his blog. He hasn't posted in over a month. Really missing his posts.

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    Uhmm, thread title bit ott I think - I thought you were gonna say he actually was missing.. he is undoubtedly very very busy considering lots of products he is involved with are maturing to release, and PDC08 will probably be the big 'get ready' for them..

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    He's got one of these:

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    He probably needs some time off Smiley or is busy with other stuff...

    I have a feeling that he is back in ealy September.

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    wisemx said:
    He's got one of these:'s what his email client sent me:
    "My wife and I recently had a baby, and I will be on parental leave until the end of August helping to take care of him. During this time I will not be responding to email.

    Unfortunately because of the volume of email I receive on a weekly basis, I won't be able to respond to the email you just sent (my mailbox will be full and auto-deleting before I return).

    Please re-send your email at the end on September 1st if you need to reach me with it."
    So, maybe we'll see something from him in a few weeks. ASP.NET MVC Preview 4 Release (Part 2-N), hopefully...

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