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    Jon Monreal

    Lloyd_Humph said:
    dscrizzy said:
    To be honest I find your argument a bit dispersuasive - I mean, there's not a drop of punctuation and grammer is awful, and to me you seem like a hired hand used to promote the site rather than a genuine user.

    Smells fishy.
    I think saying that he might be a "hired hand" is going a bit too far. He's just trying to say that he heard it wasn't a scam from a source he considers to be reliable and therefore wants to contribute to the discussion by explaining this.

    On the other hand, it would be nice to know just how legitimate this really is. I mean, has anyone actually been hired yet? And is this an initiative by Microsoft, or another company (and if so, why would another company be interested in employing "Windows Gurus" unless they are representing Microsoft and hiring people for them).