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    JohnHrv MSFT

    littleguru said:
    ManipUni said:
    Yeah. There is still stuff missing that I would love to see:
    - An easy way to extend IE with own plug-ins (big bummer - i hope we get more into this direction with IE9)
    - "Show HTML source of selected" that includes how JavaScript modified the source.
    - Spellchecker
    - Including a proper download manager (that doesn't use a temporary directory during download and allows to pause and resume downloads)

    Other than that it looks quite cool. No crashes (other than the one that i wrote earlier) with it.
    to view source of a specific area of the page, including changes from javascript, you can use the dev tools.

    press F12 to open the tools.  turn on 'select element by click' (in the Find menu or the arrow cursor icon) and then click the area you're interested in.  that selects the portion of the tree for that element and if you want to see it in HTML view, click 'view element source with style' button (or use view->source->DOM (Node) or Element Source with Style).