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View Thread: My Wish List for Windows 7
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    Andre Da Costa

    DouglasH said:
    Andre Da Costa said:
    wow, channel 9 is being a pain tonight 5 times before the text box came up to write this.

    Andre, yes I agree, MS needs a real disc management software built in, I should be able to make any partitions I want without having to resort to 3rd party tools. of course the Government unfortantly sees otherwise as well as those third party companies.   But Personally I see that as basic management tools that an OS should provide. 

    As well as the statement of during an Install it should be my choice in where certain directories are setup. 

    Fonts for example shoulding be in the windows directory, but that is 20/20 hindsite.  programs and users shouldn't be on the same harddrive as the OS is on.  All internet based software with large changes should be able to direct to thier own partition to help eliminate high fragmentation. 

    NTFS needs to be repaired after the addtion of what I believe was indexing for search. to cut down on Fragmentation.   and that is another set of tools that is the realm of the OS not 3rd parties.  but that is another day.  Smiley

    Good to see you back.

    thanks Douglas
    Thanks Douglas,

    Well, the third party Disk Management Tools Company's do have some right and Microsoft I believe license technologies from some of them which is included in the OS. So is disk burning which is licensed from Roxio I believe. But its a basic right I believe that really made Windows special, no need to find a correct driver for your CD burner, it just worked.