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    Love it. Nothing more thans needed on there. Feels natural to navigate, I never felt lost, the lines,colours and fonts are clean.

    most importantly I diddnt have to think. So 10 out of 10 there.

    Now my crit Big Smile

    The first thing I think your missing is a tag line.

    My only second criticism, could just be my preference but I felt like I only had half the page at a time. When I first arrived I though great, I can see how to get to everywhere without really looking (ie just scanning the page) but after moving around the pages a little I have to scroll down to read each page. So, I click a page, I scroll down to read it, I then have to scroll up again to get to the navigation, then down again to read the content. Up and down.

    Not a problem but if you want feedback, there is my 2 cents Wink