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View Thread: Google Chrome, Google’s Open Source Browser Project
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    I hate the fact that there are so many browsers out there.  Think about the billions of dollars wasted on multi-browser support.  Supporting various browsers is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) challenges developers face.

    This being said, maybe Google can help crush some of the other pesky browsers out there (e.g. FireGerbil).

    My main complaint with FireGerbil has always been it's lousy memory management (it's a leaky pig).  If each tab in the Google browser has "it's own memory and it's own copy of global data structures" doesn't that mean it's going to waste a ton of memory? 

    The reason the web is a beaf-cake is because most sites deliver crappy content.  IMHO technology companies need to focus more on delivering useful solutions and less on elegant technology.  Craigslist is a good example of this, Google used to be, but even their search page (well, results page) has bloated.

    For example, Silverlight is really cool, but so far that's all I've seen from it.  ...Cool things.  Not useful things.  ...Cool things get old and become boring, useful things are always appreciated.  ...And this really sucks, but I had a lot of problems getting Silverlight running.  Maybe that's because I originally had a Beta version, but that's no excuse.  Ditto for IE8 Beta 2.  ...I had to uninstall IE8 Beta 1 first?  ...Why couldn't my computer do that for me again?

    Honestly, after 20 years I'm started to dislike technology.