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View Thread: Vista x64 and Product Keys
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    Andre Da Costa

    SlackmasterK said:
    Okay, so Windows is up... Time to enter my product key and activate Windows!

    ... Dang, my file server somehow lost its power supply when I swapped its memory out... That's where I keep my product key...

    ... oh well, I have 30 days to buy a new one  before Windows goes into cripple mode...

    ... On the bright side,  I got to see an awesome BSOD.  When the rig returned from Standby, it BSOD'd with something like "RC_TRIAL_PERIOD_EXPIRED" or some such fun.  Of course, when it rebooted, it came right back up in functory mode.  Freaky.
    I have that key in three places, on a physical sticker I made glued to a jewel CD case. A copy on my laptop in a spreadsheet, a printed copy in my drawer.