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View Thread: A transcript from a chat with apple support
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  • This is what frustrates me so much about Microsoft.  Why not join in the mud slinging and stop taking the high road.  VISTA is the BEST operating system on the PLANET.  silly bugs or not.  Apple sucks, has no compatability, and have their heads so far up their designers that all they see is animation and flashiness with NO flexibility whatsoever.

    How about a commercial where they insinuate that HAL (from the movie) is a construct of Apple.  Its all well and good till it starts offing people.

    .........taken from an actual chat interaction with support.......

  • You: do you have any software that I can use to burn my itunes music videos onto a dvd rw?

  • Elizabeth G: Here you are!

  • Elizabeth G: Let me check on that for you!

  • Elizabeth G: The software that we sell for DVD burning is for Macs.

  • Elizabeth G: You have a PC, correct?

  • You: yes, how do i watch my videos from itunes on my TV without havin to buy hardware. I just want to burn the music videos onto a DVD or CDRW

  • Elizabeth G: So you do not want to purchase an iPod or Apple TV, correct?

  • You: no i have already spent lots of money buying these videos over the years. i dont want to have to buy more equipment just to watch them on a TV.

  • Elizabeth G: One moment please while I research this for you!

  • Elizabeth G: Here is what I suggest...

  • Elizabeth G: I suggest that you do some research online on how to burn the files you have onto DVD.

  • Elizabeth G: It is not supported by Apple, but there is a lot of information out there to guide you.

  • Elizabeth G: Here is an example...

  • Elizabeth G: Check out this Google result.