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    Yggdrasil said:

    I got a notification from Live Writer that it'll expire in a month and I should get a new version - but there's no new version available yet, which is silly. I suppose it'll come down with the rest of the Live wave, but this way just feels like they forgot all about it. Also - forced updates through mandatory expiration? Not cool.

    Technical Preview had Triggerd False Expiration. This is what WLWriter Team had to say :

    "On Monday (September 1, 2008) the Technical Preview of Writer started erroneously triggering expiration for October 1, 2008.  We have fixed the issue that was causing the false expiration.  While the Technical Preview of Writer will not expire on October 1, you may still see this notification again. 
    When you see this notification, click the “Ask Me Later” button and you will be able to continue using Writer without any change.
    We apologize for any confusion this may have caused."

    And yes I am also eagerly waiting for Wave3 .  May be coming week we may get  to see these Wave3 Live products. Just a guess.