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    Klaus Enevoldsen said:
    corona_coder said:
    That McCain dude, isn't he a bit old? I mean like very old, it is a bit of a risk to have such an old man as the president, right? Is he in perfect health?
    The bit the scares the hell outta me is if he dies, who's going to be in charge? The creationist teaching, abortion hating, bear shooting, climate change skeptic with her total executive exeperience being a couple of years as mayor of Alaska. She can invade Iran knowing full well that God is on her side, and killing Iranians is kind of like killing bears. And they have oil, just like Alaska does. wooo. And she can crack down on all of the so called "science" being taught in schools and replace them with mandatory prayers.

    No offense, but this seems like train-wreck waiting to happen.