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View Thread: Get city & country for latitude and longitude
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    BeSharp said:
    ZippyV said:
    Well, I only need to get a city from lat and long. I really wonder that none of the map providers (Google, Yahoo, MS) seem to have a web service for that. All of them offer you to input an address and get lat/long back but not vice versa...

    one interesting thing:,-82.459259  will give you a map of tampa, fl

    when dealing with locations your database would need to have it updated often as names and countries do chnage.

    another issue is how you determine the "city" from LL
    LL math to find the distance between two locations can get a bit complex,  as I recall it's called the Great Circle formla as it takes the cuve of the earth into account.

    given a point and a distance you may get multiple location names, if several have non-zero distance and are very close which one do you pick?