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View Thread: Whats wrong with Hotmail?
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    "What's wrong with Hotmail?"

    Plenty of things:

    a) Here in the UK, the localised adverts are mainly for loans and mortgages. Then we wonder why house-prices are falling upwards and national average debt passing record levels. I consider all excessive advertising for "outgoing" financial services to be unethical.

    b) Hotmail isn't XHTML-Compliant or Semantic Wink

    c) Hotmail fails in Lynx

    d) Hotmail flashes a "page cannot be reached" error when you try to log-in using Firefox before forwarding you to your account page

    e) It's parent, MSN, is guilty of serving broken stylesheets to non-Microsoft browsers, most notable Opera.

    f) Ironically, ever since Hotmail was taken over in 1997, it's always been slower. Originally it was written in compiled CGI. Hotmail is Microsoft/MSN's flagship internet application, yet doesn't use ASP.Net. That is surprising.

    ....And other things, I need not list them here.