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View Thread: What is up with Channel9's Javascript?
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    HumanCompiler said:
    JChung2006 said:
    They have so far.  Have you tried IE 8 Beta 2?  Very fast (like FF 3 and Chrome).  Feels about the same to me.

    I've tried IE 8 beta 2.  It's comparable to Firefox 3.0 and Safari 3.1 for JavaScript performance.  V8 (Google Chrome) and TraceMonkey (Firefox 3.1) outperform it for JavaScript code, but the network I/O and DOM interactions (layout) on Web pages render those benefits mostly moot anyway.  I'm not sure how SquirrelFish (WebKit 4.0) compares.

    The JScript team is making up lots of ground, which is encouraging! For years, they were pretty much the worst for JavaScript performance. It wasn't that it was especially bad (except for the memory leaks), just horribly neglected. They've even patched IE6 JS enough so that Gmail will continue to support IE6 as a platform - New Gmail Code Base Now for IE6 [Gmail Blog, Google]