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PeoplePC Exposure

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    Check out this blog post that exposes a major security leak in PeoplePC.

    Can't believe it was that simple. Thoughts?

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    I hate custom dialers.

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    PeoplePC, owned by Earthlink, is stealing money from me every mth. I have canceled service via phone, via their Chat and directly on their website. I have tried repeatedly to get my card out of their system but it won't allow me to delete my card#. On 11/15, I recorded an extensive chat Log with Lloyd Travas of PeoplePC, that demands that they cancel the account again, and I keep getting BS, ignored, and hungup on. They charged me again in Dec. I have sent msgs to Earthlinks BOD, Investor Relations, OR Dept of Justice, Cnet News and the Feds. I want my money back for all of it, they are taking it illegally.

    And yet I keep getting charged. I had them block from taking money from my account, but that only was good for 1 month, the next month they took money for double... Then they charged me for things I did not order. They are stealing from me and I have demanded that they return my money to my account, that's the only reason I have not closed the account, because they are supposed to refund to that account. Since I did not expect a charge from them for Dec, my back account is now in over draft. They owe me several months of fees for unused services I cancelled, and fees for things I did not order, + overdraft fees, + unimaginable mental stress.

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    What's PeoplePC? I am not joking, I really don't know.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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    @magicalclick: They are a dial-up provider. And this is a necro thread.

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