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View Thread: Cern: Big Bang – start of the world’s biggest science experiment!
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    evildictaitor said:
    Harlequin said:
    A couple of nanoseconds before it kills the rest of us, you mean...

    Anyway, I'm not sure what all of this "Nothing to worry about until Oct 21st" is about - the LHC has been online for cooling and tests since Jan and today at 8:30 UTC they started testing the high energy proton beams, first one way then the other.

    If all goes according to plan (and as I write it's going ahead of schedule) they'll be colliding the two proton beams either today or within the week, and it's that collission which is projected to give us black holes.

    And as to killing us, well it's just lucky for us that black holes evaporate. (Yeah, explaining that one is hard, but if a black hole can't suck in enough matter it stops being heavy enough to be a black hole because matter escapes from black holes as radiation).

    So not only are we not going to die, we're also not going to not not die on October the 21st, and we're not going to not not not not die today.
    The initial collisions are only going to be un-squeezed at 450GeV and that's way below what other acclerators like the Tevertron can do.  The first 7TeV collisions are not planned until stage A10 which is a good 25 days away, and even then that's not at full beam intensity and luminosity.