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streaming live widescreen 480p

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    i'm looking for a simple way to stream live 480p content on an internal network for conferencing.  i figure that there should be a way to route a std def video camera's 'extended play' content stream to the net and let the client PCs handle display.  the network would be more/less dedicated so contention/congestion shouldn't issue but i can't exceed wireless-g bandwidth. 

    windows media encoder supports 240 vertical lines but i'd like to get to 480 lines and avoid any transcoding.  any ideas/suggestions?

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    It seems to be very easy to me with Windows Media Encoder 9. Just select broadcast a live event in the startup dialog, choose the encoder handles the client video requests and then on the screen where you select the quality go for High definition... it even allows to stream 720p from my webcam if I wanted to.

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