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Is SIMPLITE safe??

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    I would like to know if simplite is as safe as they say, they aren't clear about the keyfiles that the users exchange at first, if those files got intercepted would the interceptor be able to read all the conversations? if yes then it't useless like the interceptor can intercept the conversations in cleartext he can intercept the keyfile and decrypt them.
    thanks to anybody who will answer me!!!!!

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    The key material you exchange with the second party is a public key, which is totally safe to exchange over public networks. The private key, which you maintain security to, should be kept secret. When a message is sent to you it is encrypted with your public key and can only be decrypted with your private key, so unless an attacker has access to your private key he can't decrypt your messages.

    Be more worried about cryptanalysis and brute force attacks and weak keys and etc.

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    Jason I

    For more information, do a search on "Assymetric Encryption". There are some good primers out there on the topic that explain why passing public keys are perfectly safe to do, if your key size is decent.

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