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VS2008 SP1 symbol loading slows down with each added breakpoint?

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    Has anyone else had this problem where Visual Studio just hangs for a moment in Loading symbols for ... ?

    Some googling and experiments have found that if Unmanaged debugging is enabled for managed dll project and you have say 10 breakpoints it can hang loading symbols for anywhere from 0 to 10 seconds, I've not found any pattern in determining for how long it will hang. Deleting all breakpoints or disabling unmanaged debugging solves the issue. Comments found with Google indicate this existed already in VS 2005.

    If I keep breakpoint window open during the hang the breakpoints get sometimes slowly enabled one by one in certain c# file, other times the first gets enabled quickly in that file and then there's a delay and others get enabled. I don't need to do any modifications to any file or setting, the behaviour is rather random.

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