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ATTX new PC form factor flips CPU GPU behind the MB making case the heatsink

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    The high power high heat output GPU and CPU are to be installed directly on the motherboard on the bottom side*, GPU may still optionally come with a PCI-like card that contains additional display outputs to those on the motherboard and other necessary things for additional power etc.

    The GPU,CPU are in fixed physical relative position making it possible to install a fixed heat pipe network below the motherboard connecting the processors directly to the heatpipe network/wind tunnel in the case or without wind tunnel just outside of the case. This offers superior silent cooling capacity compared to existing systems that lay on top of the motherboard or PCI card.

    *special type of slot mechanism may be developed that allows inserting the cpu & gpu through the motherboard so that removing the motherboard isn't necessary to switch the processors.

    Power saving:

    If CPU contains integrated graphics (Larrabee etc), the additional user replaceable high power GPU must switch off seamlessly and transfer output back to the CPU integrated graphics when appropriate.

    Optional fan:

    The heat pipe network could be assembled in such manner that it resides in sort of a wind tunnel that a fan can blow air in, going for example through the side of the case from front to back.  Essentially the heat transfer area and the wind tunnel are at minimum the size of the motherboard, optional attachments can be added to use heatpipes to transfer outside the case radiator style for fanless use.

    Oh and if you didn't get it, I just made this all up and call it ATTX (for Advanced Technology Thermally Extended)

    OEM/Anyone may use these ideas free, free as in BSD-type free. Of course I cannot assure if someone else already patented some part of this rather obvious idea but it's still definitely different from the case Zalman sold or sells.

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    What about the Dell Mini in other thread? It has no fan. The heat sink is between keyboard buttons and cpu. Take a look.

    BTW, I am thinking something else.
    An unified CPU slot. It is like PCI Express, but you can put a CPU card on there. There are already RAM PCI cards and GPU cards. Time for CPU card. Maybe put two CPU cards mean dual CPUs, cool. Easier to add/change stuff.

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