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    If you want some information on what ilovebees AND msnfound are about, you can visit and

    On the subject on msnfound, I believe everyone has missed the point. It is a search opera.

    After playing around with it, I have gained a lot of information on the 6 bloggers. I should have more when I get somer return email. 

    The information gathering is generated by entering search strings into msn search. OK, It may not be standard tech etiquette to return blog fragments that don't exist anywhere else in the search results, but it is a novel way to continue delivering information and promoting using msn search.

    No, it doesn't use RSS. It doesn't have to, and, in fact, would miss point if it did, being much too easy to track the conversations between the bloggers.

    I'm trying not to give too much away to people who want to play, but if you try to guess some search strings you"ll get much more interesting results.