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View Thread: Question for developers, would you consider picking up design skills ?
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    I've got an event comming up where im talking to a developer/designer community and I'm currently working out the contents of my session. This question goes towards helping me come up with my session contents, so your answers would be much appreciated Smiley

    These 3 question should only take 2 mins to answer total....

    Q: In the new world of Silverlight/WPF there is a strong need for good designers. Would you as a developer, forgeting the fact that you may think you don't have a single artistic bone in your body, would you consider trying to pick up design skills? If not are you 100% committed to staying pure developer?

    Q: Would you find articles/videos/tutorials of specific designer focused topics valuable eg. learn how to create a glass button, eg. creating a shadow without using bitmap effects

    Q: Rate out of 10 the importance you place on a beautiful looking User Interface and functionaly well conceived User Experience.

    To those that answer, a million thankyous!