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View Thread: Question for developers, would you consider picking up design skills ?
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    Well on a designer level hoping to get better... tidbits of information such as glass effects and shadows would be cool. I mean, I figured them out already but there are always new ways of doing things, so the way I do it might work, it just might not be as fast/effective as it could be.

    A beautiful UI has to be just that.. beautiful. But if you're teaching "beauty" then then beauty and functionaity come together. For example, a teacher was trying to play a CD today simply by opening WMP, putting the CD in and hitting play - not selecting the CD or anything, for it wasn't obvious. It would be to us perhaps, but thats a bad user interface if you've no idea. Then she double clicked the CD, and iTunes opened and played it. She then proclaimed to the whole class "and this is why iTunes is better".

    Gotta love tech-tards!