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    I think you've mentioned that you dabbed with Linux before and you didn't like it then either. Not sure why you went back...

    Linux on the desktop is more like a fun toy that tests your cleverness when an attempt to make it useful is made--see below.

    I have Fedora 9 on my laptop and my father has it on his desktop. It works just fine for us but there would have been no way I would have remained a Linux user if Rdesktop with fancy seamless application remoting patches, Wine, Mono, and Samba did not exist. Windows applications are important to me because many FOSS apps are garbage.

    BTW, seamless terminal services isn't cheating its just another way of accessing Windows apps without having Windows installed locally. Just need access to a Windows machine somewhere in a LAN or WAN (Interweb).

    Of course it would be easier just to use Windows and download FOSS applications but thats boring.