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Leveno halts online sales of Linux PCs

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    What really chilled me about this article, was the quote from the Leveno spokesman.

    Computerworld said:

    "Our commitment to Linux has not changed," said Gorman in an e-mail to Computerworld. "What's changed is that customers will no longer be able to order Lenovo ThinkPads and ThinkCentres with pre-installed Linux via the Web site."

    Years ago, I read an article about IBM's PC division halting OS/2 preloads, and the same words were used;

    'Our commitment to OS/2 hasn't changed.'

    Well it has, obviously.

    But here's the problem. Hardware manufacturers are used to having Microsoft do their OS marketing for them. When there is no-one there to sell the OS (as was the case with Vista) then things go wrong very quickly.  Many people have complained that they couldn't even find the Linux option on the Leveno website.

    HP recently toyed with the idea of releasing their own Linux-based consumer OS (for about six minutes), before they realised the work and effort involved.

    If the hardware manufacturers really want to sell Linux as an alternative to Windows, they they're going to have to help market it; simple as that.

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