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    rjdohnert said:
    Ray7 said:
    " To be honest, I've never really seen the problem with not being able to remove stuff; it's never stopped me using FireFox, or QuickTime or anything else."

    You cant remove it.  You can make those things the default, yet you cant uninstall.  They are always there.   This is called bundling not preconfiguring.  Here is an example, with PC/OS OpenServer system I recommend Darwin Streaming Server.  I have a christian radio station in Asheville NC that uses PC/OS for streaming their podcasts and video files, they also use a bible reader and whatever else.  They also use a Java media player on their desktops and Firefox 3.  They can completely remove mplayer and VLC, they can completely remove Flock and they can completely remove Darwin Streaming Server so that the only thing on the system is what you want.  You cant do that with Windows.
    Can't remove what from windows exactly? the only thing on that list that comes bundled with windows is windows media player.. and you can uninstall it, and microsoft even made special versions of windows (due to enforcement of "law"), where it isn't bundled by default, and 'nobody' bought it..