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Dell 1st with legal download-to-DVD burning

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    By Electronista" rel="nofollow">Dell announced on Monday it has partnered up with Sonic Solutions to make" rel="nofollow">Qflix DVD drives that, together with software and special DVDs, will allow users to legally record downloaded movies to DVDs with formatting and DRM that works both on other PCs and in home theaters. The downloads will come from the" rel="nofollow"> CinemaNow service, though how many and which DVD titles or TV shows will be made compatible with Qflix is not known. The limit is a requirement to purchase DVDs from Roxio, which also supplies the software for the drive, to make the process possible.


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    Sounds equally absurd to the current practise of paying extra "tax" in the price of blank media for "potential use in piracy" which essentially means you are free to do "backups" as long as you use such blank media with the tax. I'm not sure what it's called in english but it is common practise in EU.

    Though it's not intended with software in mind originally, more like the recording of music from radio for example. The money atleast partly goes to support local artists in each country implementing this. I can't understand why they still keep this system around.

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