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Live mesh syncing when not signed in?

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    I haven't been signing in to the live mesh client at work this week (and it doesn't remember my username/password) so it's not auto sign in.

    I got home yesterday to find some files I'd edited at work were listed in my news feed, I thought I must have signed in and just completely erased it from memory. But today I made sure i didn't sign in, and sure enough, files have been updated.

    So I just signed out of the client at home, threw a file into one of my synced folders, logged into the online desktop and there it is (took about a minute to appear though).

    Is this supposed to happen?

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    If you think that's interesting, sign out of Mesh on one PC, sign in as another user on the same PC and then add a file to a folder that is mapped to the local machine by the first user.

    Strange yes with some interesting implications, though I'm a rather big fan of it as it's a wonderful departure IMO from the way Shared Folders are currently implemented in Live Messenger where files only get synced when you are logged in.

    If via Messenger you can send/receive messages while one of the contacts is offline... why shouldn't you be able to do the same with files? Mesh gives you that option.

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