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View Thread: Apple isn't an 'Evil Empire' Like Microsoft
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    Jason I

    Way before I was in Software, in the late 90's, I could not wait for Microsoft to launch IE 4.0. Then, I had two options of web browsers from my ISP: Netscape and IE (I think it was 3.0...). They were roughly the same, but I remember downloading FOR FREE IE 4.0 over a 28.8 modem. Before that, My ISP would provide one web browser and if I wanted 2, I needed to pay thirty bucks.

    Thanks to Microsoft "bundling" IE, Web Browsers were free from that point on. Many people now don't remember end consumers who didn't know anything (like me at the time) going to Circuit City to buy a Web Browser.

    I'm very thankful for Microsoft for what they've done.