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View Thread: Apple isn't an 'Evil Empire' Like Microsoft
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    An interesting point of view, but I think I would disagree with a couple of points.

    Frank Fox said:

    Microsoft did many things in its pursuit of market dominance that turned it into the evil company we know today.

    It used FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) as a tactic to prevent other operating system from gaining a toehold in the PC market. I'm not just talking about just about Linux; before Linux there was OS/2, and before OS/2 there was DR-DOS. Microsoft tried to kill these alternate operating systems.

    Okay, then what would you call the 'PC & Mac' commercials? The thing about FUD is that it only appears to be evil when Microsoft is doing it. Or are we saying that because Apple is smaller than Microsoft, then FUD is okay?

    Frank Fox said:

    It also used its monopoly power in one area to dominate another market. The Windows operating system became a tool to promote sales of Microsoft Office. This bundling successfully knocked out the leading word processor (WordPerfect) and leading spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3) from the market. And in a move calculated to ruin Netscape, Microsoft bundled Internet Explorer with Windows - and tied it unnecessarily to the operating system.

    Yes, that is evil. But even thought they bundled IE, is that really as bad as preventing folk from competing with you by preventing them from distributing their podcasting application through the only available outlet? I'm not sure it is.

    Frank Fox said:

    Apple has not interfered with the open market for other devices or services as long as they don't try to free ride on Apple's products or services.

    I don't think the defunct Mac cloner makers would agree.

    Again, I think a lot of this is down to the perception of size. Apple cannot be evil, because it is small and trendy; same goes for Google. What MS still has against it is poor PR and a dodgy past.