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View Thread: Apple isn't an 'Evil Empire' Like Microsoft
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    Dovella said:
    Thanks to Microsoft we have a technology so advanced low-cost
    Thanks to Microsoft we have a Software for all popular (free trial, Pay Open)
    Thanks to Microsoft we have improved technologies in every sector (infrastructure, hospitals, industries etc etc)
    Microsoft has always supported in every age pricing policies popular

    I want this kind of monopoly direct the whole of my nation (Gates for President)

    All the hatred that people have for Microsoft is only envy
    Every company must create profit
    and Microsoft is the only company that can make profit and satisfy every segment of users according to their possibilities

    What other called monopoly, I call FAMILY
    because Microsoft is a family.

    "Thanks to Microsoft we have a technology so advanced low-cost" 

    I'd argue Microsoft's software is not as advanced as it is polished. Remember various unix systems, for years they were ahead technologicaly-wise than anything that Microsoft made. 

    Good example are video players - ffmpeg is very powerful thing that comes from Linux, but becomes useful only when you cross it with good client - making (video/music) player isn't hard, hard is making good player. FFmpeg represents advanced technology and  WMP11 polish. (just compare WMP to any linux player if WMP is not your prefered option on Windows) 

    Next, if you look at LINQ - in opensoure world it has been sort-of available for years in various functional languages, but microsoft packaged it into something average imperative-language developer can use. Or managed languages - java was king until java 2.0 a.k.a. C#  came. Or servers and desktops - everything we have linux has, but they have to fiddle with command prompts and sometimes uglier interface/interaction designs that are otherwise just as advanced.

    And then you have macs which polished many things that are wrong in Windows, but then they too have their own quirks. I guess every system has few quirks I guess.. nobody is perfect.. except Singularity Smiley